Orange Heights


In 1995 the "Orange Heights - Barnhart Tracts Historic District" became the first neighborhood in the city of PasadenaCalifornia to be added to the National Register of Historic Places. Identified as District #95001128 by the NRHP, the neighborhood is defined as being bounded to the West by Los Robles Avenue, to the East by El Molino Avenue, to the North by Jackson Street, and to the South by Mountain Boulevard

Once known as "Pill Hill", because of the large number of physicians and care givers who lived in the neighborhood, Orange Heights has always been at the heart of Pasadena's civic life. Some of the city's most prominent citizens have lived here, attracted by the beautiful architecture, terraced yards, tree lined streets, and mountain views. 

Although Pasadena has grown and changed during the last century, Orange Heightsstill appears today much as it did over eighty years ago. Orange Heights real estate offers great value for the home buying budget. Click to receive a list of available homes for sale in The Orange Heights neighborhood of Pasadena. 
Click to receive a list of available homes for sale in Orange Heights.
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