Pasadena is a charming residential city that was originally part of an enormous land grant, given to the San Gabriel Mission by the King of Spain over 100 years ago. Today, Pasadena has become one of Southern California's favorite residential communities with a thriving arts community, upscale shopping, a vibrant culinary scene and more. Spend a quiet afternoon strolling through the Los Angeles Arboretum or have a family picnic in one of Pasadena's luscious green parks. Perhaps you'll enjoy a day taking in the impressionist works at the Norton Simon or spend an exciting afternoon window shopping in Old Town Pasadena. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it in Pasadena. To learn more about some of Pasadena's thriving neighborhoods, explore the links below: 

Madison Heights

The Madison Heights neighborhood was built largely between 1910 and 1917, consisting of family homes for professional people. Beautiful craftsman and cottage homes line the streets, as well as upscale condominium complexes. Regardless of the type of home you're looking for, you'll find a strong sense of community on the tree-lined streets of Madison Heights. 

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 Bungalow Heaven

Stepping into Bungalow Heaven is like stepping straight back in time. The neighborhood showcases some of the finest examples of the Craftsman period, many of which were built by their original owners based only on ideas they'd gathered from the popular "bungalow books" of the period. 

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Historic Highlands

With more than 700 renovated and restored homes along the tree-lines streets of Pasadena's Historic Highlands neighborhood, it's no wonder this area is a popular choice for buyers. 

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Arroyo Seco

The tranquil 132-acre Arroyo Seco is home to some of the city’s most treasured landmarks. The renowned Rose Bowl Stadium, built in 1922, is a popular venue for everything from concerts to football games. Pasadena's famed Colorado Street Bridge gives way to the beautiful Richard H. Chambers U.S. Court of Appeals, housed in what was originally the Vista del Arroyo Hotel. Further up Arroyo Boulevard is La Casita del Arroyo Clubhouse. Built in 1933, this "little house" was constructed entirely of stone taken from the Arroyo itself. Nestled amongst the historical sites are some of Pasadena's most beautiful homes, many of which have outstanding nature views. 

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Craftsman Bohemia

The lower Arroyo Seco was settled around1910 by artists and other bohemians drawn to the lovely oak glen. Many of the people who built their homes here valued the spirit of nature and simplicity found in the Craftsman aesthetic. The artistic beginnings of this neighborhood are evident in the beauty of Craftsman Bohemia's rugged, woody homes. 

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Orange Grove - Victorian Triumphant

As the prime residential street in Pasadena pre-1900, this is one of the few neighborhoods that can provide turn of the century homes in good repair. Many of the one-time grand estates owned by wealthy East Coast families have since been converted into garden apartments, but beautiful single family homes can still be found on Orange Grove's quieter side streets. 

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Arroyo Seco - Greene & Greene and Friends

This neighborhood bordering the Arroyo Seco is the best place to view the work of Charles and Henry Greene, as well as fine houses by their contemporaries. The area also features Frank Lloyd Wright's Millard House and Studio, built in 1923. 

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